Book Translation  & illustration


- French & English to Spanish

 - Spanish & English  to French 

If you write books and you need to translate and illustrate them,  we can help you.


With Josy Arteaga,  we can provide you an illustrated book in the language you are targeting.

She can produce story telling and illustrate your book.


@JosyArte is the creator of image messages and I am the translator of message intentions. 

With you, we are the perfect team to brush up your project.

Josy Arteaga drawing (woman drawing on a table)

Illustration by Josy Arteaga

Through the art of illustration, Josy Arteaga  has found the best way to externalize her emotions, feelings, thoughts and memories, and observe them from another perspective. She conceives each illustration as if they were self-portraits of her inner sight.


Each illustration is a part of her being interacting with elements that create  visual messages with  colors and symbols.







Translation,  Localization and Creative Writing

I can translate your book into French, Spanish or English. I am willing to  retain nuance and writing style. Maintaining your personal style and vision are part of my  language solution services.


I am mindful of the cultural adaptations necessary for successful literary translation, retaining the unique tone and original message of your work. 


I  can handle comics books, children’s book, non-fiction and literary works. 


Likewise, I can participate in the creative writing of  illustrated's book.