Translation and Proofreading


French & English to Spanish

 Spanish to French & English

English to French

Translation on Human Social Sciences and Academic Research

If you need to publish your research or share your ideas with other researchers, I can help you communicate clearly and effectively in your work. I can empower you translating your work into Spanish, French or English and help you to communicate across barriers.


I am myself an academic researcher, and I know that it requires a very detailed and specialized knowledge on the field. I offer you translations with subject matter expertise.


I collaborate with   academic research, writers, artists, journalists... translating or proofreading  education, curriculum, learning materials, scripts, movies, art, culture, literature, social media, biographies, music, journalism, academic research, advertising., marketing, human resources, charity work ...

Translation on International Development

I provide English, Spanish and French translation support for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and NGOs worldwide working to improve socioeconomic and health conditions.


My translation service cover areas such as: 

- Social work

- Academic and Research papers and documents

- European Development fund

- Humanitarian work and Issues

- Clinical trial

- Natural resources

- Researches on Health / nutrition

- Human resources guidelines

- Communications

- Business meeting

- Managing natural resources