Last  Achievements  & On Going Projects

Book Translation | NOVEMBRE

I have translated into French November, a social graphic novel edited by L'Oeuf. November is a story that talkS about separation and isolation in contemporary society. Also, the comic has a retro texture that reminds us of classic noir cinema and it´s full of cultural and jazz music references.

Book Translation | AMAZONA

 I have translated into French Amazona. "Most of the story takes place during a few hours of Saturday, June 28, 2014. Andrea, a woman  from an indigenous community  that used to live in the Amazon jungle, she made a journey back from unsanitary living conditions in Cali, where she is forced to live, to her territory of origin which is now taken by  an armed group.".

Book Translation and Editing | VIVARIUMS

"VIVARIUMS: migrant women’s journey to self " is an encounter between the artistic work “Vivariums” composed of illustrations and sketches of the  Venezuelan illustrator

Josymar Arteaga  and writings of  women from different destinations.

The main concept of the book focuses on the work of the artist who stages the evolution of a woman outside her natural environment. From this work, the writings are  around the following subjects: migratory movement, the evolution in new environments, the journeys without return, the resilience developed when facing the  barriers of migration and the pushing of people’s bearings.